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Yahoo is busy or what? Cannot access yahoo e-mail!!!

Posted by Dmitrij Ivanov on June 17, 2011

What about your “free” e-mail accont? I think it’s a good value but it’s incredibly liabile of our e-mails. Today I cannot log into yahoo because the link on the master page is a “..king” anchor reference. I would like to humiliate the software release model through which they I suppose yahoo delivers to us the mail service. I’ve tried using Firefox and even Internet Ex plorer. There is no way to access the login page!! A piece of their markup:
<div id=”signin”>

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”#”>Sign in</a>

Can you please explain me what is “or” in yours page markup?
Mister yahoo could you please test yours service releases? Sure, I’m typed only http://it.mail.yahoo.com&#8230;

I want back my e-mail box!


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